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Statutory Approvals

EMA – We ensure that CEC applications for water and wastewater plants satisfy the requirements of the EMA’s requirements in terms of design calculations, drawings, processes, evidence of similar plants installed and effluent test records etc. We also seek approvals for medical waste systems (liquid and biohazards), via incineration or sterilization / dilution and neutralization and assist with applications for permits to discharge into the environment.
WASA – We complete applications for outline approvals for water and wastewater, provide detailed designs / documentation following outline approval based on WASA’s guidelines, seek mandatory WASA inspections during the construction phase and obtain completion certificates.
MOE – We provide services related to application/documentation requirements for the MOE for fuel storage for boilers/generators based on the requirements of the MOE.
T&TEC – our company seeks licences from T&TEC to ensure that generators can be installed and commissioned in accordance with the guidelines of the authority.

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