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Water Treatment

Water treatment systems are adapted to the requirements of the end user. They can be as simple as sediment filtration for a residential household and as complex as a multiple stage process including pre-treatment, reverse osmosis and post treatment for a raw seawater desalination facility.

In the industrial sector, water treatment can be customized to fulfil the water quality requirements of a particular piece of equipment or process, e.g. filtration, dechlorination, softening, reverse osmosis, demineralization, deionization and/or chemical conditioning for high quality boiler feedwater.
Residential Filtration System
[with Programmable Timer]
Duplex Parallel Filtration System (For Industrial Or Commercial Application)
Clean In Place (CIP) Skid (For Reverse Osmosis Membrane Cleaning)
Lab/pure Water Treatment System
(Including Pretreatment, Reverse Osmosis, DI Exchange Polishers, And UV Sterilization)

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