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Ultraviolet Disinfection Systems

Ultraviolet disinfection systems achieve 99.9% bacterial reduction in water through the use of ultraviolet light emitted from quartz sleeve protected UV lamps which kill/inactivate microorganisms in the water.


  • Treatment of small applications achievable through modular Salcor 3G units.
  • Larger applications are custom designed for the required flow rate with varying vessel sizes, number of UV lamps and lamp configurations.
  • Standard features include watertight electropolished stainless steel vessel, on/off power switch, running time meter and LED display.
  • Optional features include UV intensity meter, flow control, temperature overheat sensor, shutoff solenoid valve, audible alarm and time delay.
  • Units also include manual wiper systems or automatic wiper systems complete with air compressor for quartz sleeve cleaning.

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