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Building Management System (BMS)

Water Tech offers a complete turnkey building control solutions which includes system design, programming, installation, commissioning, training, repair service, and preventative maintenance. We offer solutions from simple monitoring systems to complete building management systems.

Buildings generally contain many different types of plant and equipment, with each item performing a specific function. That function is generally related to maintaining a level of comfort for building occupants. The plant items need external control signals in order to function as part of a whole system. The BMS system is a network of programmable processors connected to sensors and other instrumentation. It also provides the necessary control signals to each plant item.

The BMS connects and controls everything, effectively overlaying a single, simple to operate interface. Interface adjustments and parameters are generally accessible from PC’s keypads and web browsers. Thus the operation of a complex facility is greatly simplified.

The system programming ensures that the systems operate in an energy efficient manner, by making sure facilities only operate when required, and use the minimum amount of energy necessary.

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