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Health Safety & Environment

Water Tech Limited’s Board of Management expresses its corporate responsibility and commitment to promote Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) care that significantly contributes to the company’s achievements by preserving and developing human and physical resources, by reducing costs and liabilities as a result of accidents.

Occupational Health, Safety and the Environment are considered in all business and decision making.

Water Tech’s Board of Management believes HSE, personnel, engineering, quality and finance are of equal importance to all company operations.

Personal Injuries, property loss and environmental damage are preventable. Health, Safety and Environmental issues are an Integral part of all business activities, thus significantly contributing to the ultimate profitability of the company.

The Board of Management will visibly demonstrate the importance and significance of sound HSE objectives and therefore sets zero accidents as the company’s goal.

Water Tech’s Board of Management ensures the deployment of adequate financial and physical resources to educate, train and motivate employees to meet this commitment.

Compliance with the company’s policy and applicable international laws and local regulations is the responsibility of all Contractor employees and Subcontractors and is a condition of their employment or construction contract.

The HSE performance of Subcontractors is an essential concern of Water Tech’s Construction Management and as such has been integrated in the evaluation of Subcontractors.

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